The Gaze Ring

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white cat's eye moonstone

A luminous white Cat's Eye Moonstone rests in a sleek nest of warm gold shaped to resemble an eye, a symbol revered as an emblem of insight, intuition, and protection. This ethereal stone, with its enchanting play of light, echoes the enigmatic depths of the human gaze, offering a glimpse into hidden realms and unseen truths.

Each moonstone, meticulously chosen by us, holds a unique allure, resonating with the innate energy and mystique of the celestial body. As you adorn yourself with this captivating piece, you invite the lunar essence to guide your path, bestowing upon you a sense of heightened awareness and spiritual connection.

Designed in the shape of an eye, our ring serves as a potent reminder of the transformative power of vision. Its elegant contours embrace the finger, infusing every gesture with a touch of mysticism and individuality. With every glance at your hand, you'll be reminded of the eye's ancient significance and the wisdom it imparts.

Allow this to become a cherished talisman, inspiring you to navigate life's journey with clarity, intuition, and an unwavering gaze towards a future filled with wonder and possibility. Let the glow of the moonstone, which seems to radiate from within, remind you of the light and power inside.


For sizes/karats not listed, or to use an alternate stone, please contact us at for a custom quote.

Made-to-order especially for you in NYC using recycled gold. Please allow three to five weeks for this item to ship.

For every order placed, Kota Jewelry plants a tree.