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All That Glitters ...

Isn’t always gold. At Kota, we believe in the power of solid gold. We source, clean, and repair the coolest vintage pieces we can find. Nothing plated, and no base metals, ever.

Over the millenia, solid gold has remained the investment of choice, across continents, currencies, and generations. Unlike plated or filled items, solid gold never degrades or loses its color. It’s low-maintenance, the least irritating to those with allergies, and has steadily increased in value throughout the ages.

In other words, our pieces are not only unique accessories, they are investments with strong resale value.

We are proud that all new creations from the Kota Jewelry line are created right here in NYC with recycled and/or LBMA-certified gold and with reclaimed stones whenever possible, thereby helping to prevent further damage to our planet.

Here's to choosing jewelry that only gets better with age. 


Hana & Eunice

Kota Jewelry