The Daruma Charm

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approximately 9.9mm excluding jump ring
black diamond

The Daruma (だるま), a traditional doll widely cherished in Japan dating back to the 17th century, serves as a symbol of good luck and perseverance. Initially with blank eyes, recipients of a Daruma paint its left eye with black ink while expressing a wish or setting a goal. Once the wish is granted or the goal attained, the right eye is filled in. Symbolically, the left eye is adorned first, akin to the rising sun in the east, while the right is filled upon achievement, reflecting the setting sun in the west.

We are pleased to offer this charm in three variations: blank eyes, with the wish programmed (left eye set), and both eyes filled.

If you choose to set the eyes at a later date, the Eye Filling Service is available. If you would like both eyes filled in, please add two counts of this service to your cart. We will email you a prepaid mailing label to send your charm to us.

Made-to-order especially for you in NYC using recycled gold. Please allow two to five weeks for this item to ship.

For every order placed, Kota Jewelry plants a tree.