The Above/Below Earring

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“As above, so below” refers to an expression in the ancient text of the Emerald Tablet.

There are many interpretations of this phrase, ranging from the scholarly to the mystical. Some say that it represents the celestial workings on terrestrial occurrences, such as the movement of the moon affecting the tides of the sea. Others say that it reveals the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm, symbolizing the universe and the individual. Occultists decipher it as what happens on the earthly plane is mirrored in the astral plane and some religious historians even find similarities in verses of the Bible.

Wear Kota Jewelry’s take on this phrase of long ago — a reflection of the Above on the Below, separated by a horizon of diamond pinpricks.

5.5mm tall
approximately 0.08ctw

Model is wearing the Above/Below Earring with our Pendulum Earring Charm.

Made-to-order especially for you in NYC using recycled gold. Please allow two to six weeks for this item to ship.

For every order placed, Kota Jewelry plants a tree.