Gold Filling Service

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We sell our items as we find them, and sometimes they come with signs of lives previously lived.

If an item has a link to this service, that means the there is a nick or divot that can be filled in with extra gold to give it a seamless look.  The gold used will match the karat of your item (e.g. if your item is 14k, the nick will be filled in with 14k gold).

Please adjust the quantity of this service in your cart to reflect the number of items that you want filled. If you are ordering multiple items with nicks but only want certain ones filled, please specify in the notes section upon checkout to which item(s) you want this service applied.

Please note that adding this service may cause your entire order to ship up to two weeks from the order date. If you would like your order sent in parts, please email

For every order placed, Kota Jewelry plants a tree.