Engraving Buffing Service

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The jewelry we find has lived previous lives, and some owners have engraved names or phrases on them.

To have the engravings removed, please add this service to your order. If your item does not have a link to this service, that means that the engraving is too deep for buffing and may have to be filled in. Please email orders@kotajewelry.com to arrange this.

If there is more than one side to be buffed, please adjust the quantity of this service in your cart to reflect the number of surfaces that you'd like to be plain. For example, if a charm is engraved on both the front and back and you'd like both sides to be plain, please change the quantity to "2" in your cart. If you'd only like one side to be buffed, please specify which side in the notes section upon checkout.

Please note that for items that have a border, the buffing may have a wavy look to it.

We do not offer engraving services at this time but please contact your local trusted jeweler.

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