14k Gold Pitcher Charm

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21mm tall excluding jump ring
3.86 grams

If you would like the bail soldered shut, please add this service to your order.


Pitchers, with their curvy and elegant shape, have been a beloved object for thousands of years, used for holding and serving all kinds of liquids from the finest wine to the purest water. But beyond their practical use, pitchers have come to symbolize much more, capturing our imagination and inspiring our senses with their rich cultural and historical significance. In ancient Greek mythology, pitchers were associated with the goddess Demeter, a symbol of fertility and the harvest, with the rounded shape of the pitcher reminiscent of the nurturing female form. In the Christian faith, pitchers represent the cleansing and purifying power of water, often used in baptisms. From art to literature, pitchers have been a symbol of generosity, abundance, and hospitality, reminding us of the simple pleasures of life. Even today, the enduring legacy of pitchers continues to inspire and enrich our lives, embodying the essence of purity, nourishment, and the sustaining power of liquids.

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