The 11:11 Necklace

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"11:11 -- make a wish!"

This common saying stems from the special power of repeated numbers. Being lucky enough to spot the moment 11:11 on a clock is a synchronistic event steeped in meaning, dating back to the 5th century BC. 

Pythagoras, the philosopher and father of numerology, believed that numbers had unique energetic vibrations. The number 11, one of the three “Master Numbers,” is imbued with creation and signals that a new beginning is near. It prods you to tune in and listen to your intuition, confirming that you are on the right path. We like to think of it as a sign we are being assisted by the universe to become the best and highest version of ourselves.

Wear this as a constant reminder that you are capable of making your dreams a reality.


especially for you in NYC using recycled and/or LBMA-certified gold. Please allow two to six weeks for this item to ship.

For every order placed, Kota Jewelry plants a tree.