18k Gold Romulus and Remus Charm

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14.8mm tall excluding bail
5.82 grams

In the mystical world of ancient Rome, a tale of two brothers is whispered through the ages. Born of divine blood, Romulus and Remus were meant for greatness, but their path was fraught with danger from the very beginning.

Abandoned by their mother and cast out into the wild, the brothers were left to fend for themselves. In a stroke of fate, a she-wolf took them under her wing and nurtured them as her own, teaching them the ways of the forest and the secrets of survival. As they grew, the brothers' bond only strengthened, and they became leaders among the outcasts of their world.

But they knew they were destined for more.

They dreamed of creating a new city, a place where misfits like themselves could find a home.

A disagreement on where to build their empire had them turn to the gods for guidance. A sign manifested itself to Romulus as a flock of birds in flight, but Remus refused to accept his brother's authority and in a moment of passion, he paid the ultimate price.

Romulus was left alone to fulfill his destiny and he founded the great city of Rome as its first king. The tale of the twins lives on as a symbol that even in the darkest of times, hope and courage can light the way to greatness. Wear this symbol of Romulus and Remus with pride and let their story inspire you to your own success.

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