14k Gold Butterfly Necklace (18")

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18", butterfly is 18.6mm tall

4.33 grams
assorted gemstones

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The butterfly, with its ephemeral beauty and graceful flight, embodies a potent symbolism of transformation, rebirth, and renewal. Its journey from a humble caterpillar to a magnificent winged creature is a profound metamorphosis, evoking the cycle of life itself. Associated with the soul, its fleeting existence reminds us of the delicate and transient nature of life while its vibrant colors and gentle movements inspire a sense of freedom, joy, and happiness, awakening our spirit to the wonders of the world. In some cultures, the butterfly is revered as a messenger from the spiritual realm, bringing hope and inspiration to those who seek it. A powerful and uplifting symbol, the butterfly invites us to embrace change and transformation as a natural and beautiful part of our journey.


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